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Manual Push Roto-Lift Counter Weight
Counter Weight Model

Roto-Lift rotating drum handler is a manually propelled, straddle-type unit that centers the load between the wheels for maximum balance and safety. Lifts and rotates 360 degrees.

Available as manual, battery, air or AC-powered handler. Battery-powered model requires 12-volt deep cycle battery and plugs into a standard grounded outlet (battery included). Air-powered models are ideal for spark-resistant applications and require outside air source. Optional floor lock available. 78" or 90"-high units handle steel, plastic and fiber cylinders (14"-24" in diameter).

Counter-Weighted Roto-Lift is a manually propelled drum handler that butts up directly against pallets to make loading and unloading safe and effective. Comes with (34) 13.5-lb. counter-weights and requires more effort to move.

Ratchet Straps

Rachet Straps

Lift, rotate, and dump most steel, fiber, and plastic drums and cylinders (14"-24"ø).

Single Mast

Single Mast

Single mast design allows for high visibility during transport, placement and rotation.


L x W
F88563B9Straddle80058"78"42.5" x 30"14"-24"ø1"/s6 RPM44"457Quote
F88564B8Straddle80071"90"42.5" x 30"14"-24"ø1"/s6 RPM44"501Quote
F88580B8Counter80058"78"37.25" x 30"14"-24"ø1"/s6 RPM61"1040Quote
F88581B7Counter80071"90"37.25" x 30"14"-24"ø1"/s6 RPM61"1047Quote
Capacity800 lbs
Lift Height58"71"
Mast Height78"90"
Footprint42.5" x 30"
Drum Sizes14"-24"ø
Lift Speed*1"/sec
Rotate Speed6 RPM
Turning Rad.44"
Weight457 lbs501 lbs
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Capacity800 lbs
TypeCounter Weight
Lift Height58"71"
Mast Height78"90"
Footprint37.25" x 30"
Drum Sizes14"-24"ø
Lift Speed*1"/sec
Rotate Speed6 RPM
Turning Rad.61"
Weight1,040 lbs1,047 lbs
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*Note: Lift speed of powered models is 3.4"/sec

Standard Features

  • Transport, lift and rotate 14"-24"ø drums
  • Rotates 360°
  • Solid steel construction
  • Distance Between Straddle Legs: 25”
  • Optional floor lock available
  • Made in USA
  • Lift Power Options Include:
    • Manual
    • Air
    • 110V AC
    • 12V DC
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