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Drum Dumpers Overview

Drum Dumpers are used to lift drums to a height and then rotate the drum to dump its contents out at an angle. The types of drums used depend on the specific type of drum dumper but they are commonly 55 gallon drums made of steel, plastic or fiber. An open jaw type design of drum dumper allows for varying drum diameters to be used. Additionally, certain models have optional adapters that can ordered to fit specific needs.

Stationary Drum Dumpers are offered in both single and dual stage models. Single stage drum dumpers can lift drums up to 72" while dual stage can lift up to 120". Stationary drum dumpers can be anchored into the floor for additional stability. Many models of this type are also offered with a portable base frame allowing the unit to be repositioned as required.

Mobile Drum Dumpers are divided into two major categories: manually pushed and power driven. The majority of manually pushed mobile drum dumpers have a capacity of 800 lbs. These types of dumpers are suitable when transporting and dumping drums within short distances or the occasional long distance. When the application calls for the frequent transportation and dumping of drums, we recommend a power driven drum dumper. These models are walk behind stackers with specialized attachments for the handling and dumping of drums.

Drum Dumping Forklift Attachments are useful when transporting and dumping drums over long distances on a frequent basis, when the transportation of the drums is over terrain that is unsuitable for a mobile drum dumper, or when the transportation of drums is infrequent and does not require a dedicated unit. These attachments can be slid onto and off of standard forks. They are offered with either self powered or lift truck powered hydraulic jaws to grab and release the drums.

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